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Rack Cards

Compact Size, Plenty of Info

Just think about how many rack cards you see when you visit a chamber of commerce, state visitor center, highway rest stop, etc. You’ve probably picked up a few yourself. They are a staple of the travel & tourism industry.

As a trusted tourism advertising partner, we’ve created our fair share of rack cards — from simple and elegant to jam-packed and colorful. We can start from scratch or redesign an existing piece. And we can secure affordable, high-quality printing in a variety of heavyweight stocks.

Contact us to discuss your project needs. Or click the link to review our standard rack card pricing.

Publications & Brochures

As Many Pages as You Need

Go Green Spray Foam Professionals specializes in insulating homes and businesses using specially formulated spray foam materials. While the initial cost is higher than traditional batting insulation, the long-term benefits include energy cost savings, improved soundproofing and better air quality.

The company had been in business for several years, but never set up a website. They began with a Facebook page and builder referrals, but discovered that they needed an online presence to better compete in the marketplace.

In addition to design and copywriting for the website, we also assisted Go Green with scheduling a professional photo/video shoot to better showcase their product and abilities.

Go Green continues to retain our services to maintain and update the website as needed.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Raising Funds for Good Causes

Donor Appeals, Giving Portfolios, Event Scripts, Direct Mail … All the weekend’s scripting, powerpoints and videos lead to this moment — and a powerful opportunity to participate in the work of the Kingdom.

Powerful stories sell the need, but the message must be compelling and the opportunities clear.

The brand is positioned and the stage is set for major donors to bond with the mission of this cutting edge evangelical ministry.

After eight interviews, tons of writing and plenty of polish, the roadmap for the weekend is ready. I phoned and Skyped my way from India to Alpharetta to capture the stories that stirred hearts to action.

DIrect Mail

Get the Message Out Loud and Clear

The North Georgia Farm Trail (NGFT) was established in 2013 by members of the chambers of commerce located along Hwy. 515 in North Georgia: Pickens County, Gilmer County, Fannin County, Union County and Towns County. It was designed to showcase agritourism attractions throughout the region (i.e., u-pick farms, farmers markets, alpaca ranches, horseback riding stables, farm-to-table restaurants, etc.).

The group called on Content Creative to help establish the NGFT by designing a logo and producing a printed guide listing all of the member locations. To pay for printing and distribution, we hired sales reps to sell ads and expanded listings. We produced five annual issues of the guide.

In addition to the printed materials, we also set up a directory-type website to help folks find NGFT member locations. This is supported with a Facebook page with a large following, an Instagram page and Pinterest site (all managed by Content Creative).

We continue to maintain and update the website, Facebook page and Instagram page.


Selling Yourself to Get Sales

The owner of Premier CPA Services, Jackie Self, made several moves and changes over the past few years. She previously worked for another CPA firm, then decided to go out on her own. At that time, her name was Jackie Seabolt. We created a logo for her under this name, as well as some business cards. A couple years later, she remarried and decided to change the name of her business to Premier CPA Services to avoid future name changes and allow her to take on additional CPAs. We again designed a logo for the new name.

Jackie also asked us to take over the website hosting and design a new look with the new name (and new location). It was not a large website and most of the pieces were in place already. But we were able to coordinate the look, plus update her Google My Business page. The site also required a link to a separate accounting login so customers could access their tax and financial forms.

We continue to host and manage the Premier CPA Services website.