Additional clients include:

Clemson University  •  Knox Area Rescue Misson  •  Habitat for Humanity  •  Project HOPE

Save the Children

Creative Direction: A familiar icon is leveraged to convey the daily horrors facing children around the world — and how donors can go beyond the headlines to help.

“The images on your TV set are an all-too-real way of life for the world’s neediest children.”

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Creative Direction: The distinctive blotches of macular degeneration help paint a compelling picture of the need for a “moon shot” of concentrated genetic research.

“Once a promising athlete, 15-year-old Brooke James can’t see the soccer ball, the  goal or even the other players on her team. Instead, she ‘watches’ from the sidelines.”

Discovery Zone University

Creative Direction: A beloved brand is re-imagined in bright, primary colors — and the promise of a meaningful experience for parents and kids.

“Welcome to Discovery Zone University, the lively campus at DZ where your little bundle of energy can learn through play!”

BKV Direct

Creative Direction: Great copy and low-cost royalty-free art are the bedrock of this high-return internal marketing campaign.

“Explore how BKV can help turn an ‘ugly duckling’ inactive list into one that lays golden eggs.”