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 Chasing Waterfalls
Let the water that moved mountains move you!
Helton Creek Falls
 F rom a gurgle to a roar, all that clear mountain water has to go somewhere. And around here, that means waterfalls (some of the best in the United States, in
fact). These breathtaking cascades are easy to get to — and definitely worth a walk in the woods.
Trahlyta Falls is located directly below Lake Trahlyta in Vogel State Park. This beautiful stepping-stone waterfall cascades some 40 feet and is accessible via a short, steep, but definitely worth-it 1-mile loop access trail. (From Blairsville, take US 19/129 south 11 miles and turn right into Vogel State Park. The falls are located on the north side of the lake, which is named for a Cherokee maiden who is buried a few miles from the park at Stonepile Gap.)
Helton Creek Falls is actually a pair of falls tucked away in a lovely rhododendron grove in the Chatta- hoochee National Forest. The lower falls drops over a 30-foot ledge, tumbling to a pool below. The second, upper falls drops at least 60 feet. The approach trail includes a well-maintained stairway and an observa- tion platform accessed via an easy .2-mile hike. Be sure to bring your swimsuit for a shockingly cold dip on a hot summer day. (From Blairsville, take US 19/129 south 11.5 miles. Turn left on the first paved road past the entrance to Vogel State Park. Go approx. .5 mile on the paved road and then continue on a gravel road
approx. 1.5 miles to a small parking area. Trailhead will be on right.)
Other area waterfalls within a short drive from Blairsville include DeSoto Falls (off 19/129 about 15 miles south of Blairsville), and Raven Cliff Falls and Dukes Creek Falls, both located off GA 348. High Shoals Creek Falls and Horse Trough Falls can be accessed off GA 17/75. And the popular Anna Ruby Falls near Unicoi State Park in Helen features a visitor center, picnic tables, fishing and a paved trail.
For detailed information about all the waterfalls in Union County and North Georgia, download the North Georgia Waterfall App for your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  Down on the Farm
Get back to your roots with a homegrown, Fhandmade or natural agritourism adventure.
rom farmers markets to moonshine, vineyards to festivals, Union County’s agricultural roots reach
most everywhere you go. Buy fresh produce from our farmers; pet alpacas at our local ranches; sip wine and listen to musicians at our wineries. Or attend a local festival (see page 8) that celebrates our Appalachian heritage with great food and entertainment.
Every Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon during the summer, the Union County Farmers
  4 | 877-745-5789 |
Union County Farmers Market

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